In pursuit of
service excellence.


We are a bespoke property management and concierge services company on a mission to better manage properties and access to services, our mission is to deliver service excellence in everything we do.

In pursuit of service excellence.


We are a bespoke asset, property and lifestyle management company on a mission to better manage and enable access to conveniences, our mission is to deliver service excellence in everything we do.

Singapore's finest asset and lifestyle management company.


To serve with excellence and be the best in everything
we do.

Our Beginnings

BUTLER started in 2016 with a vision to bring the hospitality services and experiences of a hotel to residential homes in Singapore, by providing the world’s first daily housekeeping service for residential properties. 

At BUTLER, since our inception we have made delivering service excellence, reliability, and professionalism in everything we do to better serve our customers by elevating the standard of living and time savings.

Through the values that we stood for over the years, we have extensively grown in size of customers, products and service offerings, and as a company.

Poon Da Qian (Founder, CEO)

Who are we

As the company has grown significantly since our inception in 2016, from a housekeeping company to becoming a property services company with over 37 products and services. To better serve our customers and to increase clarity on service offerings. The company relaunched BUTLER as a management consulting and property management and concierge solutions company, and introduced HOUSEKEEPING by BUTLER as a sister brand that handles all property related services.

What is BUTLER

BUTLER is a management consulting, property management and concierge solutions company that provides a one-stop real estate and lifestyle solution for individuals and businesses, homes and buildings. 

Our portfolio projects includes apartments, houses, residential buildings, and commercial premises.

We Persuit Service Excellence

At BUTLER, We serve with excellence. From our beginnings in 2016, we constantly engage our customers to understand their needs and wants and how to improve our service and solutions, from maintenance to grocery shopping, no request was too difficult nor troublesome. Our active feedback has allowed the company to achieve the finest service excellence.

We are Absolute on Reliability

At BUTLER, we have made reliability the ultimate responsibility and our raison d’etre. Since 2016, we have completed over 1 million jobs with a 99.999% on-time performance. 

Gears and cogwheels engine industrial background.

We deliver utmost Professionalism in everything we do.

All BUTLER employees are full-time professionals which dedication to delivering the finest professional work quality and conduct.

Purposeful Employment

At BUTLER we create equal opportunities, and promote excellence and happiness driven culture.

BUTLER Department Photoshoot

Going Green and becoming Sustainable

Being environmentally conscious, at BUTLER we aim to reduce carbon emissions and promote green efforts.

Happiness Culture

At BUTLER we are focused on building a business that lasts for generations. We believe in building a community of happy people across various departments, where we make work an enjoyable lifestyle.

Meet The Team

With extensive experience in managing luxury property and providing fine hospitality, BUTLER’s leadership directs a growing team of more than 70 full-time employees dedicated to service with excellence.

Poon Da Qian

Founder, CEO

Sheikh Ashraf



Property Manager


Property Manager


Housekeeping Manager

Kang Seng

Lifestyle Manager


Lifestyle Manager


Lifestyle Manager


Concierge Manager


Concierge Executive


Concierge Executive

Lifestyle Manager

Lifestyle Manager

Lifestyle Manager

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We don’t create jobs, we create meaningful careers and opportunity of dreams that inspires.