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With Singapore’s fast-paced economy and progressive adaptation on technological advancement, machines are taking over human job functions.

With Singapore’s fast-paced economy and progressive adaptation on technological advancement, machines are taking over human job functions. However, only 1 in 10 Singaporeans believes that an android could do a better job than them. According to Straits Times, the chances of professions completely converting to machines are still “quite low” despite its high probability in the future. Businesses need to understand the importance of their employees and their needs because, undeniably – there is still no form of technology that can beat human services and interaction.

Butler is Singapore’s only hospitality service provider that takes care of your lifestyle requests. Our signature services include daily housekeeping, home management, and concierge service. Ahead of any progressive enterprise, Butler currently leads the race when it comes to empowering employees. We ensure that our housekeepers receive the highest standards of employment. The goal is to create a supportive working system and to shape them into the best version of themselves.

Butler housekeepers are smart and intuitive,” said Poon Da Qian, the Founder, and CEO of Butler. “We hold our housekeepers in high regards. We provide them with world-class training and entrust them with responsibilities. In return, ensuring a promising career experience.”

 Butler housekeepers are the first point of contact with the customers. They help execute the organization’s objectives into practice, setting the first impression. They take care of the customers’ homes and interact with them daily.

To cultivate proper work ethics and competencies, we introduced On-the-job training. OJT helps keep the learning curve at its least. With every hard work,comes its’ rewards. In recognition of the housekeepers' achievements, Butler offers them an increase in authoritative power. In the long run, this helps build their confidence to perform better at work. Additionally, empowering them to solve any problem at hand.

Compared to the market’s wage of $1200, we offer our housekeepers a leading rate of $1800. Housekeepers that perform up to expectations can expect a monthly bonus of up to $800. A well-compensated & engaging organization brings about higher levels of productivity and work quality.

We also aim to foster a healthy working lifestyle by engaging in a proper work-life balance. Believe it or not, our housekeepers have shared that they felt more at ease when they are at work. A study ran by a group of researchers at Florida University shows that an everyday activity - cleaning, approached with intentionality and awareness may enhance one's state of mindfulness. To add on, it provides them with an outlet to de-stress. "People sometimes turn to rituals, like cleaning, to reduce stress stemming from other parts of their lives," says Martin Lang, an anthropologist at Masaryk University,Czech Republic.

At Butler, our housekeepers adhere to a five-day work schedule and contribute up to eight hours daily. We trust that this decision allows the housekeeper to have better autonomy between work and personal time.

Striking a balance between the physical, mental, and social well-being is crucial. It helps reduce work stress, burnouts, and increase the efficiency of work performance.

Sheikh Ashraf, Butler trainer, 24 years old.
“Working at Butler has provided me with countless opportunities for self-development. The exposure has given me the confidence to carry out my duties well. My job allows me to leave a positive impact on the customer's lives, and that itself is satisfactory.” Butler trainer, Sheikh Ashraf shares his thoughts.

What constitutes a great company is their people. They are one of the pillars that make every work feasible. With the company's support, employees can become better versions of themselves. Recognize their worth, accomplishments, and treat them with equal respect. A significant increase in loyalty and productivity is evident when employees feel valued.

Thus, reducing the turnover rate and creating a more positive workplace culture.

At Butler, we guarantee fulfillment, more job engagement, and a promising career.

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December 18, 2018

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