BUTLER People: Hartini bin Sumari

Meet Hartini, the supervisor of BUTLER Housekeeping team. 

Behind the scenes of every beautiful home is a team of dedicated housekeepers that work hard to turn dreams into reality. Hartini – our housekeeping supervisor – is one of the many people in the Butler team who makes sure your home exceeds your expectations. She started out with us as a housekeeper, soon became a senior housekeeper, and now leads her own team as a housekeeping supervisor and Butler. She has gone through every step of the journey, and is an example of what life with Butler looks like as an employee.

Butler: Based on your experience in the hospitality industry, what makes Butler different from the rest?

Hartini: Butler’s housekeeping standards are more similar to that of a hotel than it is to regular housekeeping. Tasks such as bed making and toilet sanitization are expected to be performed in high standards and to precise details in order to make the homes look beautiful. By details, I mean – making sure that all labels on toiletries are facing forward, plants are facing the right direction, and so on. I had never come across such a rigorous procedure until I joined Butler, but learning about it taught me what it means to maintain a high standard of living.

When I first joined the company, I didn’t exactly know what the term Butler meant. But throughout my time here, I learned that it represents a high standard of living and housekeeping, and that this is what we aim to bring to every household.

Butler: How has your career progressed since you joined Butler?

Hartini: Butler is one of the happiest things that has happened to me, as I enjoy my work here. I’ve been a housekeeper for a total of 5 years, during which I’ve been with Butler for a year and a half. At Butler, I’ve gone from being a housekeeper, senior housekeeper, to the Butler/housekeeping supervisor that I am now. I’ve been given many responsibilities and opportunities in the company.

Butler: What is the best part of working at Butler?

Hartini: One great thing is that I work from Monday to Friday and get the weekends off. This isn’t always the norm in the hospitality industry, so having this work schedule means I can spend more time with my kids and family. I can make it to family gatherings and weddings – which I couldn’t do at my previous job. Also, not working during public holidays has allowed me and my family to plan outings, which has been a dream come true for me.

I think the best part of working at Butler is when customers appreciate my work and trust me to do my job well. Building a relationship with my customers has always been very important for me.

Butler: What does your typical day at Butler look like?

Hartini: I work as a housekeeping butler from 8am to 12:30pm. Since the house we service is big, we begin by cleaning the bedroom and the floor. At 12:30pm, I go over to the canteen that I am currently in charge of, so that I can supervise the two workers who are cleaning it.

I do this while managing my own housekeeping team, which is composed of seven people. In total, I’m supervising around forty other homes additionally. My job requires a lot of management skills, but it has been extremely rewarding to be given these many responsibilities.

Butler: What is a cleaning hack you can share with others?

Hartini: We have a robot vacuum, which I turn on while doing other tasks. The multitasking lets me simultaneously carry out many different tasks while servicing a home.

Butler: How do you spend your weekends?

Hartini: Weekends are for family time. Typically, we have breakfast together in the morning, then I send the kids to tuition classes, and have dinner together. Sometimes we go to the beach or watch a movie as well.

At Butler, we believe that it’s our people that make a difference. If our employees are happy, then our customers will be happy too. In fact, Hartini’s presence is so appreciated by the customers that when she had to stop servicing a building due to an internal change, our customers did not want to say goodbye to her. The kind of joy that Hartini has spread to our customers is something we truly treasure and value.

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