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How to Elevate your Luxury Home Living Experience

How to Elevate your Luxury Home Living Experience
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For many of us, living a life of luxury is easy — until we get to the nitty-gritty of actually designing our ideal high-class home. Luxury is like an art form, and not everyone takes to the canvas naturally.

But taking your lifestyle to a higher level doesn’t have to be so hard. An opulent lifestyle isn’t all about getting bang and bling in your home. More often than not, some great housekeeping techniques and a little creativity with interior design are all you need.

Thinking of elevating your luxury lifestyle? Read on to find out how.


Luxury home interior design.


1. Start by decluttering and highlighting your living space

Many of us live life on what’s called the autopilot mode, and that sort of unconscious living can cause stuff to easily pile up after a while. Even if you’re not an obsessive-compulsive hoarder, many of us can surely admit to getting a lot of unnecessary things and crowding our living spaces with them.

A luxury apartment is comfortable and elegant, and comfort only comes by getting rid of disorder in the house. Discard and sell things you don’t actually need and try to keep your home as minimalist as possible. When you’ve identified some items that are more important or significant to you, use them as highlights to draw attention or enhance the feel of your home.

Decluttering helps evoke a sense of comfort because it allows for freer movement. Your living space becomes more fluid, putting you, not your environment, in charge of your daily flow. Science also says that decluttering, on average, leads to healthier, more productive lives.

Luxury starts with comfort, and decluttering is the easy first step towards that.


2. Settle on a concept

Every great-looking home has to have a theme, and luxury apartments are no exception. Getting luxury apartments right is a lot trickier however because luxury is really more of an umbrella term rather than a theme in itself.

Think about what kind of luxury apartment you’d want to live in. Perhaps an old-world colonial concept, with wicker chairs, hardwood poster beds, and 1920s paraphernalia for art décor? Or a modern chic concept, with ultra-minimalist spin on fittings and furniture complemented with sophisticated lighting?

As important as settling on a concept is, it’s even more critical to make sure you get the right suppliers to help you realize that concept.


3. Pick a good colour palette

Just as important as getting the theme right is also picking a great colour palette. Some colours are instantly associated with class and luxury – gold and black with metallic finish, for example, evokes a powerful image of sophistication. On the other hand, overly bright shades of certain colours just don’t go well with luxury apartments.

And it’s not just individual colours that make for a luxury apartment. Conveying that luxurious feel starts with complementary colour palettes that combine various colours to great visual effect. If that’s a challenge, you’ll also need to make sure your paint is high-grade and doesn’t fade with time.


Luxury home interior design.


4. Upholstery, Upholstery, Upholstery

Most homeowners often hear this word but have no idea what it actually refers to. Upholstery is simply providing certain furniture, like chairs, couches, and tables, with enhancements like padding, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. As an analogy, we can think of upholstery as icing on the cake.

And anyone who loves cake knows how important great icing is, not just taste-wise but visually.

The same goes for a luxury home. Great upholstery highlights the concept of your home and uplifts its luxurious setting. Bad upholstery looks like an awful patchwork that disrupts the feel your home is supposed to have.


5. Don’t forget the basics

At the end of the day, the most important step towards transforming your home into a luxury apartment is to always keep it in peak shape.

This means consistently and regularly keeping it clean, organized, and well-kept. If you have a garden or swimming pool, it should be meticulously landscaped and only highlight the feel of your home. No luxury home should have to deal with pests, clogged pipes, or stained spots.


Luxury home interior design.


Your first step towards luxurious living starts with BUTLER

Curating a great concept or colour palette can be difficult without the experts. Decluttering your home can take a lot of time – time which you need for more important matters. And always keeping your home in peak shape can be challenging, when you’re a busy professional striving for career success.

Let BUTLER fill in the gaps for you. With us in charge, we can chart a path that will elevate your living experience – all without you having to fork out extra time.

Turning your home into a luxury apartment is effortless with BUTLER’s personalised property management services. We cover great home living basics with a full suite of services that include pest control, electrical work, virus disinfection and more. Not only do our daily or weekly housekeeping services keep your home organised and decluttered, our landscaping and swimming pool services can also help curate your external amenities and greenery to fit your home concept. From start to finish, BUTLER’s property management services takes luxury living to new heights.

Sign up with BUTLER now and transform your living experience today!


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