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Life with BUTLER: Virginia Cha

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Virginia is a super busy executive woman who wears multiple hats in Singapore’s entrepreneur ecosystem. With over 39 years of professional experience in technology companies and new ventures, her days are packed as she juggles multiple roles as an educator, professor, author, and angel investor. To elaborate on a few of her roles, she teaches entrepreneurship at universities such as NUS, INSEAD, and SIM. She also serves as a chairwoman at Restorative innovation – a forum that discusses innovations designed to restore health, humanity, and the environment.

In other words, her days are packed with commitments that shape Singapore’s technology and innovation – which is why Butler has stepped in to help her free up time and return home happy.

Butler: What does your daily routine look like?

Virginia: We are empty nesters – our home only has my husband and me. My husband is often away on a business trip, so 70% of the time, it’s just me in the house.   When we had our daughter with us, we had a live-in domestic helper. Since our daughter left the home to live overseas, we didn’t need a live-in, so we tried various formats – we hired a retired lady to come every day for walking the dog and we also tried a weekly house cleaner.   Those situations weren’t ideal.   We didn’t need someone to come to our house for 3 to 4 hours daily but we also wanted the daily housekeeping.  For empty nesters like us, Butler is the perfect arrangement.

We didn’t need someone to come to our house for 3 to 4 hours daily but we also wanted the daily housekeeping.  For empty nesters like us, Butler is the perfect arrangement.

Butler: How has Butler helped you save time?

Virginia: Butler’s daily housekeeping service helped clean my house daily, saving me a lot of time in my busy schedule. The housekeepers have also been especially helpful in picking up my mail daily, which is something very important to me, and watering my plants twice a week. Butler has helped me take care of my daily struggles.

Butler: How has your weekends changed since you have been receiving our help?

Virginia: When I hired an individual contractor for a weekly housekeeping service, I still had to spend the weekends doing laundry and housekeeping. With Butler, all is taken care of during the weekdays, and I have the weekends to enjoy and relax.

We always make it a priority for us to understand your needs – whether that is due to having a hectic work schedule or having dependents who need your time and attention. After all, we’re not simply providing a “housekeeping service”. We are providing services that can improve your lifestyle and help you live a happy and fulfilling life.

About Butler

Butler is a hospitality and real estate management service company based in Singapore. Our services help people and businesses free up time and return home happy – so that they can spend time on things that matter. From daily housekeeping, property management, to concierge service, our personalized services are designed to transform your lifestyle for the better.

Interested in the learning more about our services? Find out more or Sign up with BUTLER today!

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