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[Press Release] Butler In Suits launches Singapore’s First Tech Enabled Housekeeping Subscription Service for Busy Working Professionals

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Butler In Suits

Press Release

9 Sept, 2017

Butler In Suits – Singapore’s First Tech Enabled Housekeeping Subscription Service

Butler In Suits helps busy working professionals free up time and transform their home into a 5 star hotel experience with daily or weekly housekeeping, on-demand laundry, and concierge service.


SINGAPORE, 1 August 2017 – Butler In Suits is the first tech enabled housekeeping subscription service that helps busy professionals and expats automatically manage their home. Free up time and do the things you love with Butler In Suits; an automated, affordable and convenient home solution for busy working professionals.


Butler in Suits now offers to busy working professionals and expats searching to eliminate the time-consuming nature of managing their homes. The first of its kind in the market, Butler in Suits uses innovation and over 30 years of hospitality experience to establish a 5 star hotel experience through a subscription based housekeeping service.


Butler In Suits enables the following services to their customers in Singapore.

  • Professional Housekeepers and Home Managers from hospitality background.
  • On-demand Laundry services, laundry bags to be provided for 
  • On-demand Concierge service, taking care of anything home related from aircon, to plumbing.
  • Robot Vacuums; Robot vacuums are installed in the home to operate daily for at least 1 hour, saving 7 hours of vacuuming every week.


Convenience at your own home

“Butler In Suits helps you with your day to day housekeeping, freeing up you time. So you can do the things you love!” said Poon Da Qian, CEO of Butler in Suits.


Butler In Suits  currently has clients in 9 condominiums, and is helping more than 100 busy professionals and expats manage their homes every week.


An Tech Enabled Housekeeping Service for Busy Professionals

Butler In Suits uses the latest gadgets and technologies, such as robot vacuums to increase the efficiency of the home management process. By installing the robot vacuums in homes of and having them run automatically every day, the process ensures a utmost cleanliness of the floors of customers home daily.


Elevating Quality of Life with Home Management

The survey “Working in Asia” by Roffey Park released in 2016 had found that more than two-fifths of Singapore’s workforce works for more than 50 hours a week. Busy Professionals and Expats have little time left for themselves. Yet, home management is still a menial time-consuming chore that requires busy professionals and expats to spend their precious time on. 


Butler In Suits surveyed over 300 professionals and expats and found out that most professionals spend more than 8 hours every week on managing their home; including housekeeping and laundry. 

“We help busy professionals manage their homes, so they can spend time and focus doing the things that really matters to them. We make home without chores possible. “said Poon. 


Dedicated to meeting this need, Poon founded Butler In Suits in 2016 to help busy professionals manage their homes “automagically” with Butler In Suits standards.


This new catch phrase “automagical” is basically the merging of the word automated and magical. Why the word “automagical”? Poon responded, “Our customers return home from a long day of work, and when they return home, we want it to seem almost magical that everything is done and stocked for them”.


Butler in Suits utilizes the sharing economy model to hire professional full-time home managers from the hospitality industry with market leading benefits, to help busy professionals manage and transform their homes into service apartments. To ensure the highest service quality, Butler In Suits uses their own range of professional equipment and supplies. Additionally, to ensure the highest hygiene standards, Butler In Suits uses professional antibacterial and disposable wipes and solutions for all places that the home manager cleans. 

Home managers are trained for 3 weeks before they are entrusted with managing homes. Butler In Suits home managers also meet up with every prospective customer to understand the unique needs and preferences of each household beforehand. Poon believes that this is key to building a long term relationship with clients, as well as keeping up preferred standards for each home.  


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About Butler in Suits

Butler In Suits helps busy professionals transform their home into a serviced apartment by automating their housekeeping, laundry, and grocery shopping. We are a monthly subscription based service for residents staying in condominiums. 


Subscription starts from $240/month for 1 visit/week, $440/month for 2 visit/week, and $700/month for 3 visit/week.


For more information, please visit


Media Contacts

Poon Da Qian

Butler in Suits

Mobile: 81117996



-”Working In Asia” by Roffey Park


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