Butler Housekeeping

Our signature housekeeping service will give you the physical and mental space you need to enjoy your time at home.

Professional Service

Butler is the market leader for premium housekeeping in Singapore, which we have achieved through accountability and integrity to our clients.

Professionally Trained

All of our housekeepers are graduates of Butler Academy, where they came in the top 10% of their class after completing over 200 hours of intense training.

Powered by Tech

Butler App makes it so easy to manage requests that it will change your perception of tasks. We’ve ensured that it makes our communication efficient, because we value your time.

Driven to create happiness

Happiness lies at the core of our work. Not only did we help our clients free up 100,000 hours in 2018, we have been providing market leading compensation for our employees.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re committed to delivering our promises. In the event that our work doesn’t meet your expectations, we'll do it again until we get it right.

Experience World Class Housekeeping

Designed by hospitality experts, Butler’s Residential Housekeeping delights your home.

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Housekeeping Services

General Housekeeping

Deep Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Ironing Service

Laundry and Dry Clean Service

Manpower Service

Party Cleaning

Spot Cleaning

Movein/Moveout Cleaning

Upholstry Cleaning

Window and Glass Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Disinfecting and Sterilization Service

Curtain Cleaning Service

The Butler Brand

Butler is redefining modern living for individuals, businesses, and communities in Singapore by offering services that elevate their lifestyles. We do this through our personalized attention and expert knowledge in hospitality and concierge services, which allows individuals to focus on their loved ones and career, and businesses to center their efforts on their mission.
Through our work in 2018 alone, we created hundreds of employment and helped thousands of customers free up more than 100,000 hours of time. Time is a luxury, and we’re dedicated to gifting time along with exceptional experiences.