[Interview] Meet Jolyn — BUTLER’s Outgoing Sales Executive, Who Made the Leap of Faith from Back-End to Front

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“I’m pretty much the most extroverted one in this company lah!” Jolyn laughed out loud during one of our lunch breaks together. Characterised by her warm, outgoing and sociable personality, Jolyn is an unmissable presence at BUTLER.


A confident people-person, Jolyn currently excels in her role as BUTLER’s sales executive where she meets and greets our clients daily. Curious about Jolyn’s journey with BUTLER, we sat down to find out more about what made her decide to join the team late last year in December, her growth with us over the last two months, and her love for the people she works with.


Qn: Could you give a short introduction about yourself and what you are currently working as in BUTLER? 


Jolyn: Hi, my name is Jolyn, I’m 28 years old, and I’m currently working as a sales executive at BUTLER. My main role is to generate more revenue for the company through bringing in sales from new clients. If there is a new client, I will contact them, find out what they want, quote them accordingly and then go down to their house to conduct a site visit before we sign the contract. So my job actually entails me liaising with clients throughout from the moment they contact the company to the point when they sign the housekeeping contract. I also help to answer any queries that prospective clients may have regarding our services.



Qn: What are some of your personal hobbies outside of work? 


Jolyn: My hobbies really change with time and with the amount of free time that I have. The type of activities I used to do was more active as compared to now. Generally, I do enjoy a good game of chess and badminton whenever there’s a chance! For now, my main go-to is catching up on multiple TV series which I am currently binging on. I even have an app to track my series! I also enjoy reading up on horoscopes as a general way of understanding and accepting traits of people. Analysing them on people I know is fun to me! Not to mention, I also love to travel whenever I can, because travelling allows me to take a breather while expanding my horizons.


Qn: Could you describe your personality in a few sentences?


Jolyn: Outgoing — I find myself connecting easily and drawn towards the open-minded and the fantastic listeners because I’m more communicative and so it would seem fitting that these are the ideal type of people whom I naturally feel comfortable expressing my thoughts with. Although many people may think that I’m an extrovert, I’m actually an ambivert! I need to have my personal space and alone time to rejuvenate and recharge before hanging out with my friends.


Qn: Was your outgoing personality the reason behind your choosing to join Sales? 


Jolyn: Yep! I know some may disagree with me on this, but I feel that a good sales executive should be outspoken and outgoing, especially if you are doing front-end Sales. This is because you need to go out and meet clients, and for someone who is more sociable, you will naturally be more inclined towards taking the initiative to promote your company’s services to clients.



Qn: What then, spurred you to join BUTLER? 


Jolyn: First off, what spurred me to join BUTLER was the role. Unlike my previous jobs, which were more back-end in nature, my position of a sales executive in BUTLER is more front-end. At the same time, I was trying to move into a more office setting to explore the different possible types of work in Sales, so this opportunity to be able to learn something different was rather enticing for me.


Secondly, it was also because BUTLER is linked to hospitality, and this familiarity with what I had been doing previously was also part of the reason why I chose to join BUTLER to ensure that I would be able to rise up to the demands of the sales executive position here.


The third reason was because the remuneration benefits offered by BUTLER were more attractive than my previous job — I did not get the proper benefits I deserved there so I decided to make the switch. The career progression pathway here at BUTLER is also much more clearly defined, and you truly feel a sense of motivation coming to work everyday knowing that there is something for you to work towards.


Qn: Previously, we featured Sheikh, Hartini and Seow Wei in a series of interview articles where we got to learn more about their work environments on-the-go. As yours is an office-bound job, how would you say that the culture at BUTLER is like?


Jolyn: I would say the work culture here at BUTLER’s office is pretty easy-going! Generally, I’ve been saying it for quite some time, but there is an epitome of open-door policy here. For example, our CEO, Poon, is very open to helping us, you can just give him a shout from across the office, and he will try to help you. I think that’s a good quality to have in a boss where you need to sometimes step in to guide your employees. Our office also has a very cozy environment that makes you feel like it’s your second home.


Qn: Could you use three words to describe your experience working at BUTLER thus far?


Jolyn: Refreshing. Doing Sales from the front-end has been a completely new experience for me, and it’s not as straightforward as what I thought it was previously — take my present job in BUTLER for example, it’s important for me to synergise my work with the Marketing Department. This is because we have to work hand-in-hand to more effectively generate sales for the company through the use of targeted advertisements, for example.


Fulfilling, in the sense that I not only get to help busy individuals find a solution to their household woes, but also because I get to interact with clients on a daily basis as a sales executive — which is what I find meaningful in this line of work, because we are first and foremost, a service-oriented industry.


Professional. Working at BUTLER has taught me that professionalism needs to be deeply entrenched in everything you do, be it replying to clients’ messages on Whatsapp or going down to sign the contract. This culture of professionalism is not just exhibited by the Sales department, but is also ingrained in the company from top to bottom — from the CEO himself to the housekeepers.



Qn: Lastly, would you recommend working at BUTLER to everyone and why? 


Jolyn: Yes, I would definitely recommend working at BUTLER to everyone, because there is much room for personal growth here. If you are gearing for a challenge in the form of a career switch, I encourage you to consider joining BUTLER because we offer you a safe space for you to experiment, make mistakes and more importantly, chart your own personal growth.


Much akin to the invisible machinery that keeps the hands of the clock constantly moving, our office staff play just as important a role as our housekeepers in fulfilling our company’s mission to turn the dreams of others into reality. In fact, BUTLER is currently looking to hire office staff to contribute towards our company’s development over the next couple of years! Visit our Careers Page to find out more about our open positions today.



BUTLER is a hospitality and property management service company that strives to free up time and provide greater convenience to individuals and businesses through a complete range of property and lifestyle services.

At BUTLER, we are driven to serve with excellence in everything we do.

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