[Interview] Meet Querin — Learning Is A Lifelong Journey With BUTLER

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There’s a saying that goes, “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.”

Learning on the job could be quite a chore for some, but this employee, despite her busy work day, relishes the new knowledge and is happy to practice what she has been taught.

We checked in with Querin, a self-starter and self-learner, on her career with BUTLER so far and what has enabled her to keep on learning.

butler singapore career

Qn: Could you share a short introduction of yourself and what you do at BUTLER?

Querin: My name is Querin, I’m a Housekeeper at BUTLER. I make sure my housekeeping duties are done well and that everything is nicely prepared [for the client]. I put in my best efforts at work so that when the client comes back, they feel that they are at home.

Qn: Could you share more about your personal life outside of work?

Querin: Usually I spend my weekend doing my hobbies, such as drawing and watching movies, or resting. I have also taken classes to upgrade myself. One of the classes I took was a French language class.

Qn: Why did you join BUTLER, and has this broadened your perspective, knowledge and learning?

Querin: One of the reasons why I joined BUTLER was because I don’t need to work long hours. My working hours are from 9am to 6pm and I don’t have to work on the weekends or public holidays.

This has given me more time for myself to do things that make me happy. I also enjoy working here because my colleagues at BUTLER are positive people and keep me motivated.

butler singapore career

Qn: Could you use three words to encapsulate your experience working at BUTLER?

Querin: Positive, motivated, and happiness.

My colleagues are very positive people and that is why I love working here because they created such a positive environment. For “motivated”, my colleagues will cheer me up and motivate me whenever I face a setback at work. As for “happiness”, I really enjoy the team bonding sessions conducted by the company, which lets me get to know my other colleagues!

Qn: Tell us more about your training with BUTLER.

Querin: I learned how to manage and solve clients’ complaints, the importance of paying attention to every small, little detail, and how to be responsible for my work. I also learned how to do a report.

Qn: What do you think is the difference between BUTLER and other similar companies?

Querin: The difference is love. We don’t just do housekeeping (for the sake of it). BUTLER has other services that require us to contact contractors. As we take pride in our work, we (go the extra mile to) assist them and make sure they finish their work well. We will then check and take pictures for the report, and make sure clients’ personal belongings in the house are safe and in working conditions.

For example, some of the things we do also include checking if other home appliances, like the lights, are not faulty, and feeding their pet fishes. *chuckles* I think other (housekeepers at other) companies do not do these things, they will just do their housekeeping duties and leave.

butler singapore career

Qn: How long have you been working at BUTLER? Do you find yourself progressing in your career path?

Querin: I have been at BUTLER for almost 2 years. Last time, I felt like I was only just doing regular housekeeping work.

But now, I have learned a lot on-the-job and I have picked up supervising skills, which is quite different from the housekeeping role as I get to learn how to do reports. As a housekeeper, I did not have the chance to [manage] contractors. Now I have the experience and knowledge to do so.

Qn: What do you think BUTLER stands for since working here?

Querin: I can be responsible for myself and I find myself giving all my effort at work. What satisfies me at my job is when I can feel relief (after a day of work), and knowing that all my hard work is paying off. BUTLER has enabled me to be a better person at work and let me develop my desired skills.

butler singapore career

Qn: What is some advice you would like to give to all the job-seekers out there?

Querin: My advice is: pay attention to small details, a quality that makes BUTLER different (from other companies). Be hardworking and teachable, and someone will be happy to teach you.

Qn: Would you recommend BUTLER to job-seekers?

Querin: Yes! If you are someone looking for work-life balance, I highly recommend working at BUTLER because you get to spend time to do what you like after work. You can even take classes during the weekend!

Empowering Motivated Housekeepers

Many working adults in Singapore often find themselves struggling with striking a good work-life balance. We want to change that by making sure our housekeepers can have that.

We are proud to have helped empower Querin learn new skills in her job and find time to pursue her personal interests.

Looking for a rewarding career that also supports your personal growth? Join us!


BUTLER is a property management and concierge company that provides an all-encompassing suite of property, asset, office, and lifestyle management services. With BUTLER, clients get access to greater convenience and enjoy more free time. Driven to serve with excellence in everything we do, BUTLER has achieved a track record in delivering exceptional service quality and experiences. For more information, please contact us here.

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