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Butler is committed to delivering premium home, office, and property management services in Singapore. As we continuously grow and develop our offerings, we are on the lookout for exciting partnerships. Learn more about partnering with us by selecting the option suitable for your business.

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Building Owner/Developer

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Building Owner & Developer

Make Butler’s signature hospitality service available to residents, tenants, and staff by making your property a Butler building. Butler’s unique services provide an experience at its highest standard and enable everyone to thrive by making their life convenient and luxurious.

Concierge Service

Daily Housekeeping

Property Management

Differentiate your property

When residents are searching for an apartment, they are also imagining the lifestyle change that will come as a result of the apartments’ amenities. Butler’s premium services are be the perfect compliment to your building that will set your property apart from competitors.

Elevating lifestyles

We do not simply provide services, but create lasting changes in people’s lives by elevating their lifestyles. This is due to our endless pursuit to improve our services - whether it’s housekeeping, concierge service, or property management - that ultimately allow residents to free up time and enjoy life to the fullest.

Powered by humans

Your building will receive support from the Butler team, whose top priority is to make your building an unparalled destination for residents and tenants. Our empathy and attention to detail are qualities that make partnership with Butler special.

Service Providers

Does your business provide a service or product that would be of interest to Butler’s clients, such as cleaning supplies or pet care? Butler partners with the best providers in the industry to provide the premium hospitality experience for our clients.

Reseller Program

Partner with us to sell Butler’s services through Butler’s brand and talent pool, while you retain ownership of your customers.  There is no minimum monthly commitment or quota, and you will receive discounts for your reseller efforts. Moreover,  you will be given access to an easy quoting process while having the ability to dictate your own pricing for products and services.

The reseller program includes:


Access to Butler’s support to better understand our services.

Marketing Support

Access to Butler’s marketing materials.

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