Life with BUTLER: Karen Wetton – Trust And The Human Touch

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People will tell you that trust has to be earned.

Anyone who has had to source for housekeepers in Singapore, part-time or regular ones, will have come across the same problem. That is, finding trustworthy and reliable companies, agencies or individuals.

There are other factors to consider as well, such as the quality of cleaning service provided, the cost and the frequency of the service.

People who live alone, have to juggle work responsibilities with leading the lifestyle they want, as well as maintaining a home environment all by themselves. Searching for reliable housekeepers only adds unnecessary stress.

For people like Ms Karen Wetton, it’s slightly different. Karen shares her wonderful 4-bedroom apartment with her husband, Andrew, since moving to Singapore over three decades ago.

As their family has grown over the years, Karen and her husband turned to BUTLER to help them free up more time so they can spend it with the important people in their lives.

Ms Wetton’s Review Of BUTLER

butler singapore review, Life with BUTLER: Karen Wetton – Trust And The Human Touch
Ms Wetton and her husband, Andrew. / Image credit: Karen Wetton

BUTLER (B): What were your biggest challenges before engaging BUTLER’s services?

Karen (K): I tried to find a reliable, trustworthy, professional company to engage a long-term part-time cleaner for my home.

Often the cleaners hadn’t been properly trained and the companies who sent them were hands-off and difficult to get hold of once I’d paid my subscription and taken on the new cleaner.

B: What made you want to engage in BUTLER’s services?

K: We contacted BUTLER and Poon personally visited our house to speak with us. We liked him and his story, his business, his enthusiasm and his ideas. We were also impressed that BUTLER were doing charity work .

Poon is much more personable, understanding and approachable than other representatives we have made contact with.

B: How has BUTLER helped you save time? 

K: We engaged BUTLER’s housekeeping service for a one hour daily service, Monday to Friday. 

It has freed up time to do other more important things and given us peace of mind that each day our house is carefully looked after, clean and tidy.

We usually travel quite frequently.

It’s such a blessing to leave our home in BUTLER’s capable hands, knowing that they will take care of it diligently and keep it secure.  They keep in touch with us and it’s been lovely to come back to a clean and orderly home.  They will happily do spring cleaning when we’re away for long spells and water our plants.  

We like the convenience of paying BUTLER directly and they, in turn, will pay their housekeepers. 

Their housekeepers have always been delightful people; well trained, honest, bright, hard working and respectful.  There’s never been any drama with them and they’ve become our friends.

We like that they wear a simple, neat, uniform and they bring their own cleaning products. The housekeepers also have a good system for checking-in and out of work.

If at any time they are sick BUTLER will keep us posted and provide a substitute housekeeper.

We have been very impressed with how kind and compassionate BUTLER are to their staff when they’ve had sickness or other concerns.  They do seem to be a happy, caring, company, which makes them even more special.

B: Would you recommend BUTLER to your friends and families?

K: Absolutely, we have already done it.

Trust And The Human Touch

Coming home to a clean and tidy space has proven to relieve stress which in turn, improves the body’s immunity to illnesses. With the current pandemic, maintaining a clean home environment is even more important than ever before.

However, finding the right people or agency to help keep your home clean and safe also poses a set of other issues we’ve mentioned earlier.

With BUTLER, you don’t have to worry about having to manage schedules, or payments, or the security of your home. Leave it all up to BUTLER and the expertise of our professional housekeepers and enjoy more time to lead the lifestyle you want.

BUTLER would like to thank Ms Wetton for taking the time to share her experience with us!

Find out more about our services here or contact us today to begin your BUTLER experience!

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