Benefits Of A Daily Housekeeping Service

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Housekeeping’?

Is it the cleaning services provided in hotels?

The cleaning staff working in large corporations?

Or the full-time domestic helpers that many families employ?

In Singapore, our understanding of ‘house cleaning services’ tends to be limited to these choices: ‘housekeeping’ is either a professional service for businesses, or a live-in full-time helper at home.

What about everyone else: the ones who just need a little more help, but without incurring the cost of an extra person living in their home?

It wouldn’t be right to ask them to just live with the inevitable mess during the week before a part-time helper comes in during the weekend. This is the community that would benefit from a solution we call ‘Daily Housekeeping Services’.


What is a Daily Housekeeping Service

Think about how service apartments are cleaned: Someone comes into the house every day to ensure that dishes are washed, basic house cleaning is done, but they don’t live in the house with you. However, if you require other services, you can still call them to help out.

This ‘management of a house and all the home affairs’ constitutes what we mean here by housekeeping, and a daily housekeeping service would provide services that keep your home in a permanent state of overall cleanliness.


How Daily Housekeeping Works

Here’s our short guide to the ins-and-outs of a ‘permanent state of overall cleanliness’:

  1. There’s a list of cleaning services (see below for Butler’s list) that are covered under ‘Daily Housekeeping’
  2. The housekeeper follows a schedule and cleaning routine that is set by you
  3. The housekeeper will carry out these cleaning services during the work week, without the need for you to be present
  4. Your home will always be clean enough to entertain guests
  5. If you go overseas, your house will remain dust-free and functional when you get home


Why You Should Get a Daily Housekeeping Service

There are millions of little spots in your home that are dirtier than you. For example, your kitchen sink is supposed to be cleaned every single day!

Yes, every day. After washing your dishes, you’re supposed to clean out the gunk and grime that’s stuck to sides and bottom of the sink basin. This prevents bacteria from growing in the damp and humid environment that is the Singapore weather.

Dish towels, too, are another thing that you should be washing every few days (or every day, if you cook often or have a large family). Per a 2015 USDA-funded study, they were the most contaminated spot in the room.

However, nobody has the time to clean all these spots every single day, without fail. If we did that, we would never have time to work or sleep.

That’s where your professionally-trained housekeeper comes in.

Every morning, leave the house at your usual time, and your daily housekeeping service will swoop in to dust, clean, and wash up after your meal. You won’t have to fret all day about the dirty dishes stinking up the sink.

And that’s not all your housekeeper can do. Plants are a popular addition to homes, but they require regular attention to thrive.

Add ‘watering your plants’ to your customised routine and your housekeeper will remember it, even if you don’t. Say goodbye to frantic watering sessions in the middle of the night.

If you’re looking to hold a last-minute gathering at your house, don’t worry about rushing home to pre-clean the house: your housekeeper will be the secret weapon that’ll allow your home to maintain a hotel-level of cleanliness during the work week.

These are but some of the many benefits of using a daily housekeeping service. There’s also the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you won’t have to do 10 hours of cleaning during the weekend, as well as the saved costs of hiring a full-time/part-time helper. With a company managing your housekeeping, you can be assured that a professional will always be there every day to handle all your daily cleaning needs.

Singapore’s First Daily Housekeeping Service

There are a few ways to evaluate a daily housekeeping service. Firstly, always look at the training provided to its employees. Here at Butler, our professionally-trained (with over 200 hours of training!) housekeepers are our pride and joy.

Butler’s Daily Housekeeping Service is our signature solution, and the first in Singapore to provide this level of professionalism when it comes to cleaning the home. We understand that the home is a sanctuary, and we are lucky to be allowed access to help maintain it. Butler takes this extremely seriously, and we aim to help our customers ‘free up time, and return home happy’ – our slogan!

A few details on how Butler manages your daily housekeeping needs:

  • Our customer success manager will discuss your pain points with you, and then provide a personalised list of services that the housekeeper will follow
  • For ad-hoc services (event cleaning, air-con maintenance, concierge services, etc) or new updates to your routine, you can use our proprietary app (available on iPhone and Android), or just call your customer success manager, who will manage it for you

In the end, the benefits of a daily housekeeping service include both the tangible and the emotional layers.

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” – Marie Kondo

Yes, there’s the visibly cleaner home and the reduction in mess and dirt that leads to more free time for other activities, but there’s also the freeing of the mind, and the ability to close some of the many tabs that take up our busy headspace every day.

Just listen to what our happy customer says below:

“Picking up my mail daily; this is something that is very important to me. And also watering the plants twice a week. Butler took care of my daily struggle here; I don’t have to worry about it any longer. “ – Virginia

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A Simple Alternative to a Part-Time Helper in Singapore

Do you employ a foreign domestic worker (FDW), or maid, in your house? While many do, with over 240,000 helpers living in Singapore, there are a number of costs that employers have to bear, from food costs to space constraints and weekly off days. This can cause many families to consider making the switch from full-time helpers to part-time helpers who do weekly housekeeping after their children grow up.

However, this means that help is only around for a certain number of set hours a week, and someone usually has to be home while the house cleaning takes place. If you’ve spent a long Saturday afternoon cooped at home because of this reason, you’ll understand why we’re suggesting an alternative.

After all, we hire someone to do the housekeeping precisely so we can have the freedom to do other tasks.

Part-Time Helpers Can Only Do So Much

In the usual four hours that a part-time helper works, she could, at most, accomplish this:

  • Do the laundry
  • Iron clothes
  • House-cleaning: sweep and mop the house

And since most part-time helpers can only work on weekends, once a week, it makes for a long week while you’re waiting for house cleaning services. At the same time, the part-time helper cannot handle emergencies or last-min cleaning, like a full-time helper.

Air-con breaks down? Your part-time helper can’t stay home and wait for the air-con men to fix it.

Hold a party on a Sunday and need the house-cleaning? She can only come over the next weekend.

Going on a holiday? She can’t let herself into the house and clean during the week.  

And we haven’t even gotten into the quality of house cleaning; it differs widely from person to person, which can be infuriating to deal with. Nobody wants to hire, and then look for a new helper every month.

That’s why we’re suggesting a professional housekeeping service instead.

What Is A Professional Housekeeping Service?

A housekeeping service, similar to your experience at a hotel, includes a team of invisible heroes working behind the scenes to ensure that your room/house always stays impeccably clean.

This can include tasks such as:

  • General house cleaning
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning
  • Deep cleaning (carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning)
  • Aircon Servicing
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Event concierge services

And, just like a hotel, you can be assured that the people working on these tasks have been trained to do them perfectly.

Housekeeping = More Convenience, Less Effort Than A Part-Time Helper

How does this save you time? Well, you can take back your weekend afternoons, since housekeeping services work during the week. While you’re busy at work, your home is getting cleaned and prepared for your return.

You only need to communicate with one person: your customer success manager, who will convey your exact preferences to the team that’s caring for your home. Instead of repeatedly telling part-time helpers to put things back in a certain spot, you can be assured that your team will follow the instructions to the letter.

If you want some ad-hoc help, or an emergency breaks out? Contact the housekeeping service, and continue on with your workday as they fix it for you. You can relax, knowing that everything will be managed efficiently, leaving you with the perfect home to go back to. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

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The Office Management Tip that All Managers should Know

An office manager’s job is never complete; after you finish a task, another challenge always crops up. Last-minute events requiring extra pantry supplies. Office cleaners quitting. Air-cons breaking down right before their scheduled maintenance. Office supplies disappearing at ridiculous speeds (how many pens does one person even need?!)

The Big Time-Waster In Office Management

This level of small-scale multi-tasking takes a toll on your day; an entire day lost to menial administrative problem-solving means less time to focus on the big projects.

Cue 2 hours spent trying to get through the phone to that one person at the cleaning company who’s able (and willing) to send a replacement immediately:

“My people can come tomorrow.”

“No, the event is tomorrow. We need the cleaner to deep clean the meeting room today.”

“Huh, but that will be extra cost, and it’s also too late today for a replacement.”

*sigh* “…Okay, so what time can they come tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow 4pm?”

“The event is *tomorrow night*. Tomorrow morning can?”

“Er…I’ll check with my boss and call you back.” (click)


Office Managers and the Supplier List

The dreaded ‘Suppliers List’ makes this process even more complex; who hasn’t had to deal with outdated information and six different contacts for a single company?

Wouldn’t it be better if there was one single company that could do office cleaning, supplies, maintenance, and more, but at the same level of service you’ve been accustomed to?

We’ve been there; the difference is, we’ve finally cracked the code, and we want to share the joy of this simple solution:

Outsource your office management.


Office Management As A Service

Of course, we don’t mean ‘outsource your entire role’; you still need to do the reporting, HR and Finance tasks that’ll help to improve efficiency and efficacy at the office! What we’re referring to is the tasks that are routine, or menial, such as:

  • Regular office cleaning
  • Office clean-up for special events
  • Replenishing office equipment and supplies
  • Air-con maintenance
  • Pest control

After all, research has shown that managers spend too much time on repetitive administrative tasks; Human Resources Online pegs the number at 36%, while an article in The Atlantic shows that ’40 percent of their working hours were spent on meetings, administrative tasks, and “interruptions”’.

Hire one company to manage all these tasks for your office, instead of doing it yourself. It saves you time, energy, and most importantly, frees up your time for the big projects you should be doing instead. These office management services can help you to reduce your ‘Suppliers List’ to just one name.

Let your office management service deal with the replenishing of office supplies and clean-up, regular air-con maintenance, and more. You won’t have to schedule any more routine tasks; they’ll manage the schedule and ensure that services are performed to the highest quality. On your end, you’ll just pay for one invoice at the end of each month for impeccable service.

You can even ask for a concierge service add-on, where they’ll help to fix any problems that crop up out of the blue. All communications and follow-ups with other vendors will be managed by the office management service, leaving you blissfully relaxed even as everyone freaks out around you. You just need to call one number, and everything will be fixed for you.

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