[Interview] Meet Hartini – Growing both family and career with BUTLER

Just as our dedicated housekeepers keep your homes in peak form, they too have their own families to raise. For these employees,  taking care of a young family while pursuing career success can be tiring. 

We are thankful for the sacrifices that working parents make for us, and want to know more about how these employees feel. A young mother raising three children, Hartini gave us her take on how BUTLER has not only given her a sense of job fulfillment, but much-needed family time too.  


Qn: Could you share a short introduction about yourself and your current position in BUTLER?  

Hartini: Hi, my name is Hartini, and I’m currently working as a Supervisor under the BUTLER Department. As a Supervisor, I’m responsible for monitoring the housekeepers under me and for ensuring their discipline. I’m also tasked with checking the quality of their work — there’s a lot of things I can check for instance — whether their work quality is up to standard, are there any areas they have missed out during housekeeping, their punctuality when reporting to the client’s home etc. I’m like the big sister of the housekeepers under me and we’re pretty much like a family! *chuckles*


Qn: Could you share more about your personal life outside of work? 

Hartini: I’m a proud mother of three children. I love to spend time with them and weekends are strictly for family time. Typically, on the weekends, we have breakfast together in the morning, before I send the kids to tuition classes. In the evenings, we prepare our own dinner together or eat out. Sometimes on the weekends we go to the beach or watch a movie as well.



Qn: Why did you join BUTLER and has this broadened your perspective, knowledge and learning?

Hartini: I joined BUTLER because I was yearning for a job that would allow me to think on my feet while enabling me to enjoy excellent work-life balance as a young working mother. That’s exactly why I chose to join BUTLER because it allows me to work five days a week, from 9 am to 6 pm. I can now spend more time with my family and my kids after I knock off from work. I can even make it for family gatherings and weddings, which are usually held on the weekends!

Thanks to BUTLER, I will no longer end up neglecting my personal life and family — both of which are very important to me — due to work. The feeling of being able to see your kids everyday at 6 when you knock off from work is one that resonates close to my heart as a mother, especially when I was only able to see them while they were sleeping at night in my previous job in the F&B industry. 

Learning-wise, working at BUTLER has completely changed my perspective of customer service. Here at BUTLER, we are totally obsessed about customer service, which is reflected in our mission to serve with excellence in everything that we do. That’s why I strive to be as meticulous as possible when doing housekeeping and also try to inculcate the same spirit of service excellence in the housekeepers under me so that we can give the client the best experience possible. I fondly remember how there was once I had to bid farewell to one of my clients whom I was doing housekeeping for over the last couple of years, and he was reluctant to let me go because of how well my housekeeping service was! It’s always the smallest things that the clients will remember when it comes to customer service. 


Qn: Could you use three words to encapsulate your experience working at BUTLER thus far?

Hartini: Happiness, family and challenging.

Happiness. BUTLER is one of the happiest things that has happened to me in my life, as I enjoy my work here. I’m happy everyday coming to work, knowing that my job allows me to make a difference to someone else’s life. Nothing beats the happiness in my heart when my client texts me after a housekeeping session thanking me for a job well done. 

Family. Almost every week, we have an official meeting-cum-bonding session, which makes me feel like we are part of one big family. This is despite the fact that we are all from different races, different backgrounds, and different educational levels. The concept of family was brought about by the CEO, who was insistent on creating a family-like company culture so that we can treat our company like our second home. His efforts have clearly paid off as I feel very comfortable sharing with my colleagues and the CEO any challenges I face in my personal life. We even go out for meals occasionally outside of work and we can talk about everything under the sun during these unofficial meetups!

Challenging. It is challenging because you have to finish your job without receiving any complaints from the customer. This is especially so since I’m a supervisor now, and I have to ensure that the housekeepers under me also do their job well and don’t receive any complaints. That’s why here at BUTLER, we try to minimise complaints from our clients as much as possible through delivering excellent customer service. 



With the above, we further asked Hartini on a few research questions.


Qn: Tell us more about your training with BUTLER.

Hartini: The training I received lasted for three months. BUTLER taught me many things over the duration of my training stint — customer service, the basics of housekeeping, the high standards we have to strive to meet et cetera. For housekeeping, it’s not just cleaning as what many people think it is. BUTLER’s training has taught me to be more meticulous as well as the importance of paying attention to small things that I wouldn’t even have thought of previously, like for instance, making sure that the labels on all of the clients’ toiletries are facing forward, their potted plants are facing the right direction, and so on. The training has been very helpful for me in elevating our clients’ customer experience. 


Qn: Being able to grow in a career is a huge incentive for some people. Were career prospects a key reason why you joined BUTLER?

Hartini: Frankly speaking, career prospects or promotions were not at the top of my mind when I first joined BUTLER. I’m someone who possesses the mentality that if you do a good job, then you will get promoted. I’m really enjoying my job at the moment and just living each day as it is. However, having said that, I feel that the management at BUTLER really does a good job in ensuring that your hard work will not go unrecognised — you’ll definitely be able to climb up the corporate ladder here and become a supervisor one day as long as you’re willing to work hard. 


Qn: A significant number of Singaporeans said they “do not know what their company truly stands for or represents” in terms of corporate values and the company’s mission [3]. So, what do you think BUTLER stands for having worked here for a few years?

Hartini: BUTLER places a lot of emphasis on making our customers happy as well as the value of going the extra mile to deliver an impeccable customer experience. BUTLER also stands for hard work and perseverance, which is why I feel so satisfied after every housekeeping session knowing that I’ve put in my all to make the client happy with my housekeeping services. These are the very values that I want my kids to embody when they grow up and enter the working world in the future. 


Qn: What is some advice you would like to give to all the job-seekers out there, especially those who are hoping to join the local hospitality industry? 

Hartini: This career is honestly fulfilling, but you also have to be patient and ensure that you deliver the level of customer service that is expected of you. You must also be willing to learn and be hardworking. Sometimes, it’s not just the physical work that will get to you, but also the mental exertion that comes with having to pay a close eye to the smallest of details. But as long as you are resilient enough to endure all of these, you’ll definitely be able to make it far in the hospitality industry.  


Qn: Would you recommend BUTLER to jobseekers?

Hartini: Absolutely! If you are looking to join for a housekeeping that has excellent work-life balance so that you can spend time with your loved ones, then this is the job for you. BUTLER has truly disrupted the traditional perception of housekeeper jobs, be it in terms of professionalism or work-life balance. 



Happy housekeepers start with happy families

Many working parents struggle to find time for their families, and we want to change that by making sure our housekeepers have a great work-life balance. We are proud to have empowered Hartini to smoothly grow her career and family.

At BUTLER, we want our housekeepers to be happy. Satisfied clients start with happy housekeepers, and happy housekeepers start with happy families. Looking for a rewarding career that also puts your family first? Join us today! 



BUTLER is a property management and hospitality service company that provides individuals and businesses with property and hospitality services such as office management and events planning. 

At BUTLER, we are driven to serve with excellence in everything we do.



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[Interview] Meet Seow Wei – Growing strong with a new career

As a former accounts assistant, Seow Wei felt she was going nowhere with her career. Since joining BUTLER back in ( ) , she has a newfound direction in life and is thankful for the opportunities – and supportive environment – BUTLER has given her. 

Curious about Seow Wei’s journey with BUTLER, we sat down to find out more about what made her join the team, her growth with us, and her love for the people she works with. 



Qn: Could you give a short introduction about yourself and your current position in BUTLER? 

Seow Wei: My name is Seow Wei, or Eva. I’m currently working as a supervisor at BUTLER. I am responsible for conducting training for the housekeepers and for arranging their daily housekeeping schedules to ensure every job is done seamlessly.


Qn: Could you run me through a typical workday for you?

Seow Wei: In the morning, I usually grab my breakfast to start off my day. I will first travel to the first house assigned to me and also check if there’s any housekeeper whom I have to assist with training. This morning routine never fails to make my day because I love to impart my skills to the newer housekeepers. Thereafter, I will go to the client’s house and guide our housekeepers on how to carry out more advanced housekeeping tasks which they may not be very familiar with, such as deep cleaning. Before I head home, I will then proceed to check on BUTLER’s housekeepers at their various assigned locations to ensure that their housekeeping work is up to standard. 


Qn: Why did you join BUTLER and has this broadened your perspective, knowledge and learning?

Seow Wei: Before I joined BUTLER, I was working as an accounting assistant. I left my previous job because I don’t like sitting at the office and I am someone who likes to be on the go. Thus, I decided to join BUTLER as a housekeeper because I would be able to be on-the-move constantly, which would help time to pass faster at work. It also makes me happy to interact with customers on a daily basis and working for BUTLER has allowed me to achieve all of these. I love the day-to-day interaction with housekeepers and customers that contributes to my happiness. I also relish the challenge that comes with having to be on-my-feet constantly, which is not something you can get from most jobs.

After having worked for BUTLER, I don’t think I will ever want go back to being a typical office worker again! Working at BUTLER has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I didn’t know existed previously, from the extravagant lifestyles of Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients to the elaborate interior design of the landed property that I am doing housekeeping at daily. This has motivated me to work harder at my job so that I can one day, similarly enjoy the fruits of my labour after I retire.


Qn: Could you use three words to encapsulate your experience working at BUTLER thus far?

Seow Wei: Happy, enjoyable and upskilling.

“Happy” because my job gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have made a concrete difference to my client’s life by freeing up his or her precious time.

“Enjoyable” because I truly enjoy what I’m doing and the on-the-ball nature of this job fits me like a T. I love taking care of people and make them feel special.

“Upskilling” because this job dedicates a lot of resources to training its workers and you will be given a lot of opportunities to develop both professionally and in your own personal capacity. You’ll be surprised to learn how many things I’ve learnt here over the last 1.5 years can be applied to my own daily life, be it in terms of housekeeping or social skills! 



Qn: Hospitality can be a challenging industry to work in. What convinced you to take a leap of faith by switching over with BUTLER?

Seow Wei: BUTLER doesn’t have shift work! *chuckles* I only need to work on weekdays, 9 to 6. Seldom do we end past 6 because our customers will be back home by then and they would want to have their own personal space to relax. This is also why BUTLER is redefining Singaporeans’ traditional perception of housekeeping services by respecting the privacy of our clients and ensuring that they too, can also seek respite in their own homes after a long, tiring day at work.


Qn: More than most workers, housekeepers need to be constantly trained in the most in-demand skills. How do you conduct training for the housekeepers?

Seow Wei: The training I conduct for BUTLER’s housekeepers is designed to teach our housekeepers all the basics of the job. It is a comprehensive training programme that equips our housekeepers with the necessary skills required to perform their job well. Besides the hard skills, I also try to inculcate in our housekeepers soft skills such as communication and household etiquette, because these are the ‘invisible’ assessment criteria that our clients would have. That’s also why I continuously try to drive across the point to our housekeepers that providing a holistic customer experience is not just about cleaning our clients’ homes, but also about maintaining a strong and tightly-knit client-housekeeper relationship.


Qn: What about yourself? What kind of training did you receive?

Seow Wei: Yup, I received training before becoming a housekeeper, and later, a supervisor. I feel that the training is very useful in allowing me to understand the different types of demands that come with the different positions. For example, when I was a housekeeper, my training was more focused on learning the hands-on parts of housekeeping, for instance, how to arrange items and wiping furniture. The training to prepare me to become a supervisor, was however, more relationship-oriented in nature because as part of my job scope of a supervisor, I would have to manage the housekeepers under me and liaise with clients more often. 


Qn: Building relationships with clients is important, but so is having a great community of colleagues to work with. How do you feel about the team?

Seow Wei: Yes, because we really take care of our staff. When the housekeepers under me are stressed, I will be their confidante and chat with them to understand how they are feeling. Our boss is also very caring and treats us just like his family. We also have a weekly dinner where we update one another on things that have happened in our personal lives, as well as job-related matters. This family-like corporate culture is very different from most other corporate cultures out there, because we can open our hearts to one another and share any concerns we have, be it personal concerns or work-related concerns. 


Qn: You’ve been with BUTLER for a while. What comes to your mind first when you think about BUTLER?

Seow Wei: BUTLER stands for excellent customer service. That’s the one thing which I feel that BUTLER really places a lot of emphasis on and it’s clearly ingrained into the company’s culture. I feel that this is a good value to uphold for a hospitality company because the very definition of “hospitality” is the friendly and generous reception of guests or strangers. In fact, I feel that this should be the mission that every hospitality company strives to embrace and I am proud of BUTLER for continuously emphasizing service excellence to our employees. 


Qn: What is some advice you would like to give to all the job-seekers out there, especially those who are hoping to join the local hospitality industry? 

Seow Wei: There are a lot of things we can learn in the hospitality industry. It’s exciting and never a monotonous job to be able to keep exploring new things, whether it is a hand-on task or soft skills like communication and management. At the same time, it is also challenging to do both housekeeping well and deliver a flawless customer experience simultaneously. Learning to accept feedback with open mind is a lifelong job for everyone of us. Regardless of which industry you choose to join, being receptive to feedback and criticism is a vital trait that will land you in good stead for attaining meaningful success in your career. 


Qn: Would you recommend BUTLER to jobseekers?

Seow Wei: Absolutely! After 1.5 years in BUTLER, I have not regretted once embarking on this journey, and it was probably one of the wisest decisions of my life. I’m sure that for anyone who wishes to join BUTLER, it won’t be a decision you’ll regret as well. 



Be part of a team that invests in you

Being a housekeeper can be uniquely challenging everyday, but being part of a family that supports you and wants you to thrive turns anxiety and frustration into self-fulfilment. Seow Wei is proud to be with BUTLER, and we are just as proud to have an outstanding teammate like her. 

When you join BUTLER, you are not just a housekeeper We:

  • Train you as a full-fledged professional complete with an  all-rounded skillset
  • Teach you all the latest in-demand skills so you can go the extra mile for clients
  • Connect you to a wide network that opens doors even after you leave us 

Because at BUTLER, we put our people first. Want to join Seow Wei on her fulfilling journey with us? Write in to us now and thrive with a company that puts you first today!



BUTLER is a property management and hospitality service company that provides individuals and businesses with property and hospitality services such as office management and events planning. 

At BUTLER, we are driven to serve with excellence in everything we do.



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[Interview] Meet Sheikh — the BUTLER in Property Management

In this feature article, I have had the opportunity to interview Mr Sheikh Ashraf, Butler at BUTLER’s Butler Department, and find out more about his experiences. 

The hospitality industry has long been associated with a multitude of advantages and disadvantages, from working in glamorous environments to the lack of work-life balance. In this article, we explore how BUTLER is different from the hospitality industry in general, and also what Mr Sheikh Ashraf thinks about  his career at BUTLER. 


Qn: Could you give a short introduction about yourself and your current position in BUTLER?

Sheikh: My name is Sheikh Ashraf, I am 26 years old this year. I’m currently one of the butlers working at BUTLER’s Butler Department. I help take care of the property and lifestyle management aspect of Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). A brief introduction of what I do: I work with a team of housekeepers and supervisors who helps to maintain the properties of our esteemed clients to an impeccable standard of operation and maintenance.



Qn: Besides Property and Lifestyle Management, what are some other services that the Butler Department provides?

Sheikh: As a Butler at BUTLER, we make the impossible possible. Our clients can come to us with any request and we will have to do our utmost best and utilize our company’s vast resources to get the job done, from securing VIP meetings to flying on the next flight to Italy and back to procure the item that our client requests. My life skills were also put on the test once when my client requested for me to cook up a meal for him and his guest. I immediately rolled up my sleeve and jumped straight to the kitchen, and cooked a fabulous meal with the ingredients in the kitchen. The BUTLER department has the resources of the company and therefore you feel like a superhero when you get things done for the client at speeds that they are also shocked at. 


A photo of Sheikh mountain-climbing


Qn: Could you share with us some of your hobbies outside of work?

Sheikh: I often go hiking in the mountains on weekends! Although mountain hiking can be challenging, it is a particularly exhilarating experience at the same time, especially once you reach the peak. I challenge myself to scale mountains in neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia or Hong Kong.



Qn: What was your background and was it relevant to your journey at BUTLER?

Sheikh: Absolutely! I have always had a passion for cooking since young and have received my Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations. I then started working at the back of the house to the front of the house – following which, I was offered a scholarship by Marina Bay Sands to further cultivate my leadership ability, after which I took up a 6 months overseas internship to South Korea. I met with one of the top sommeliers in South Korea and was given a lot of exposure on the subject on quality and consistency, for instance, the quality of the fine dining experience from the moment of preparation to servicing, and the experience that is expected of the restaurants to give to the client from the moment of reservation, every fine detail is listed and documented. This has given me a significant runway at BUTLER as I was able to understand the expectations of the clients and also for myself to deliver the expectation.



Qn: Why did you join BUTLER and has this broadened your perspective, knowledge and learnings?

Sheikh: Absolutely! I joined BUTLER in 2017, back then we did not have a BUTLER department yet, as we were still a small company that provided housekeeping services. I saw the potential of the company, and joined in as a housekeeper in the East Coast area in Singapore. It was a total career change to a stigmatized industry, however, I find it completely untrue at BUTLER and even to this day, I find it to be the best decision of my life. I recall back when I was interviewed by the CEO – Poon Da Qian himself. He told me about the Butler vision to bring the hospitality experience to people’s home and lifestyle and to inspire people by creating jobs, careers, and opportunities that were promising and fulfilling. I worked as a housekeeper for more than 6 months before the department was set up, and I was promoted to become a Butler in the BUTLER Department in 2018. Today, I am given the opportunity to manage some of the most expensive and exquisite properties in Singapore, and that has broadened my perspective and aspiration in life manifolds. I report to my Head of BUTLER for any matters and lead a team of my own.



Qn: Could you use three words to encapsulate your experience working at BUTLER thus far? 

Sheikh: Dynamic, Energetic, Passionate. 

At BUTLER, we stand for service excellence in everything. I work closely with my team and we are extremely resourceful to get things done to perfection. We are always on the lookout on how can we improve this or do that better for our clients. 

I have been very blessed to be exposed to the world of our esteemed clients and help them to free up invaluable time, sometimes we have to do the footwork and I’ll always be on the move right away. 

What we do at Butler expands and pushes boundaries into a brave new world. We discover new approaches and work with new innovations and styles that are in my opinion light years ahead of the industry, because of this I am able to see things in different angles today and it is no longer just a job, but a lifelong passion, learning, and rewarding career at BUTLER. 



Qn: Would you recommend BUTLER to jobseekers?

Sheikh: Yes, at BUTLER we are fast-moving and quick-witted. It is not for all, but if you are looking for exponential growth, personal development and a rewarding career, this is probably the best company in Singapore and globally.

With the above, we further asked Mr Sheikh Ashraf on a few research questions.


Qn: Career progression opportunities are a key factor influencing job-seekers in their job search, with 42% of Singaporeans indicating so in a 2018 survey by Randstad [1]. Out of all the companies in the local hospitality industry, what made you choose to join BUTLER over the other more established players in the industry? 

Sheikh: It’s the potential of BUTLER – offering a wide array of services in the comfort of one’s own home. When we first started, BUTLER was called Butler-in-Suits. We focused on housekeeping, but if you look at it from a different perspective, there are so many other services that you can introduce to the homes aside from housekeeping. With homes, there are more things for you to touch on. It all starts with a single step – first: housekeeping, second: above and beyond. So the potential was what drew me to BUTLER.


Qn: Apart from the rich employment prospects and training opportunities, a survey by Zeno Group of more than 4,500 individuals globally, including professionals working in Singapore, found that a staggering 87% of respondents said they want to work at a company where they “feel like part of a family” [3]. Did you possess similar sentiments when you were first job-hunting and has BUTLER made you feel like part of a family? 

Sheikh: Lending from my military background — National Service (NS) what I enjoyed the most was the family-like culture that we cultivated among ourselves. During my time in NS, I wanted a good understanding of the ground and had the opportunity to get close to everyone. As the Section and Platoon IC, my philosophy was that everyone needs to be positive, be realistic, and only to look at your neighbour’s bowl to see if it’s full. I saw that it was effective in ensuring there was teamwork, respect, selflessness and communication in the team. 

Coming over to BUTLER, I was able to exercise that. When I was a housekeeper, I got the chance to form my own team and we established the same family-like culture. It provided the team a secure and positive environment to work – where it no longer feels like work anymore. The team here is truly a second family!


Qn: The same survey also found that 54% of respondents in Singapore said they “do not know what their company truly stands for or represents” in terms of corporate values and the company’s mission [3]. What do you think BUTLER stands for having worked here for a few years?

Sheikh: To me, BUTLER stands for progress. From an employee’s point of view, it is a platform where people from different backgrounds and walks of life can work in a secure and positive environment where everyone is genuinely kind and helpful. In the perspective of our clients, it is a service that frees up their time to do what they love. In BUTLER, anyone can be somebody if they work hard, and work smart. BUTLER also embodies the drive, because all of us here are motivated to strive for success and serve with excellence with a clear goal in mind. We want to inspire the uplift workers to become leaders of tomorrow, to be inspired and bring a positive outcome to their families and community. The company’s vision and mission statement are also very clear and well resonated with every employee of the company.


Qn: Under the Hotel Industry Transformation Map (ITM) announced in 2016, the local hospitality sector has been seeking to build a strong pipeline of talent over the last few years, which includes redesigning jobs to make them more appealing to the younger generation [4]. This is notably aligned with BUTLER’s efforts to distinguish its jobs from the traditional perception of the hospitality sector by making them more professional and more financially stable. Do you think that this has had an impact on drawing more employees to join the company?

Sheikh: I would say yes, to a certain extent. BUTLER gives employees the opportunity to meet customers in their own homes and get personal with them. Over time, our workers are able to study and observe different styles of working and preferences from clients for any given situation. We become more confident in ourselves and naturally would want to develop ourselves to provide more professional services. The work-life balance at BUTLER is a huge draw, working 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays is a rare opportunity -, especially in the hospitality industry. It gives our employees sufficient time on the weekends to spend time with their own families. Not to mention, our jobs are also financially stable and provide higher-than-average wages as compared to standard hotel housekeepers.


Qn: According to the same Randstad survey mentioned earlier on, 68% of Singaporeans yearn for more attractive salary benefits when looking for a new job [1]. To meet this, the hospitality industry has adopted a progressive wage model to increase workers’ wages through upskilling and higher productivity in line with the guidelines published by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) [5]. BUTLER also believes in upskilling its workers to tackle wage inequality what do you think of BUTLER’s dedication to upskilling and training its workers? 

Sheikh: I believe that this gives everyone an equal opportunity to learn — everyone can learn as long as they are willing to. BUTLER’s training is specific and focused, ensuring that training is adequate and relevant, giving you more opportunities for you to grow. I will have to admit, the BUTLER team is also very open-minded, encouraging critical thinking and idea-sharing. BUTLER in itself is a platform for equal opportunity for everyone to learn from the day you first join the company, regardless at any age, gender or experience. 


Qn: Lastly, what is some advice you would like to give to all the job-seekers out there, especially those who are hoping to join the local hospitality industry? 

Sheikh: If you have drive, open-mindedness, passion and want to enjoy a healthy work-life balance with your family over the weekends, this may be the place for you. It is a dynamic environment to work in with a good place to spread your wings, stretch out — try different things. Enjoy the journey. BUTLER is a place for you to grow and develop. Realise your potential here!



If you are looking to join the local hospitality industry, look no further than BUTLER because we are currently hiring! Join us today and become part of a vibrant team that is on a mission to change the way people live.



BUTLER is a property management and hospitality service company that provides individuals and businesses with property and hospitality services such as office management and events planning. 


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